RE Module 2

RPP Responsibilities with respect to PQ

 NOTE: This course has been merged with Module 1 into a 3-day course

The SA Grid Code for RPPs provides the PQ and related requirements. However, PQ remains a specialist topic in order to implement in practical terms for optimal coordination with the utility and other customers. The minimum simulation requirements are defined in the RPP PQ Guideline (proposed annexure to the RPP Grid Code) as well as other guideline documents. However, in order to assess the expected PQ emissions and associated risks appropriately, much more can be done. This course covers the following aspects:

  • What can the IPP expect from the utility?
  • Which PQ factors should be taken into account?
  • Risk analysis of different PQ factors.
  • How to plan and design for good PQ from the intended installation?
  • How to plan and design for good PQ immunity from the intended installation?
  • How to assess the potential impacts?
  • What simplifications can be made and which should not be made?
  • Common simulation and/or simplification mistakes.
  • Good reporting principles.
  • Introduction to Assessment of PQ impact on the network.


  • Price is R 8 000 (Excl. VAT) for a 3-day course in Potchefstroom (Module 1 & 2 Combine). It can be presented anywhere in the SADC region but the additional expenses incurred, has to be negotiated.
  •  Students arrange lodging.
  • Lunches and refreshments and all course material are included.
  •  Supporting software and/or case studies are distributed by flash disk.

Payment is needed BEFORE the course – a 10% (R800) discount will be given for payments received before the course. The NWU will invoice and payment is then made to the NWU. Please help SAPQI to expedite payment, as expenses are not spared to ensure that participants have a memorable experience at the NWU.

  • SAPQI promote the case of PQ in Africa for Africa by using the profits towards research equipment and student support. SAPQI is not a commercial course provider in competition with the rest of the industry. We only focus on value for money.
  • If payment is not made before the course, the course fee remains at R 8 000 (Excl. VAT).

Workshop date:

Module 1 and Module 2 combined into a single 3-day course

Utility and RPP Responsibilities with respect to Power Quality for RPPs

  • 16 to 18 October 2017