On-site training vs. Open training

On-site training is initiated by your company and held on you the company’s premises. The company determines date, locatoin and participants.

SAPQI arranged training is open to any paying participant and is based on our 4-day PQ Training Course (View dates and venues).

Benefits of on-site training

  • Flexible: Dates, time and location that suits company best
  • Personalized: Tailored to the company's particular work environment and requirements
  • Productivity: Reduce time away from office, ensuring work continuity
  • Cost effective: No staff travel or accommodation costs
  • Confidentiality: Employees can have open discussions and solve PQ-related issues with no competitors present
  • Trustworthy:  SAIEE accredited training by the best in the field of power quality on the latest, up-to-date information

Quote and Contact

We recommend an on-site minimum of at least 5 attendees. To get a quote for customized training at your premises, please contact: nadene@ctlab.com


4 CPD Points with on-site training!

The course has been validated by the SAIEE and 4 CPD points are awarded by attending this 4-day course.

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